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HerPortal.co connects Women to Jobs & Entrepreneurship Opportunities.

We connect Women across borders to various immediate Jobs & Business Opportunities, as well as Business/E-Commerce & Social Media Workshops and Networking Activities.

"we aspire to connect women from every continents of the world to come together and support one another by sharing knowledge, be empowered with choices and explore options to earn sustainable income at the same time."

We welcome work collaborations & business partnerships that are curated for Women's career & business growth as well as income generating initiatives & opportunities.


Founder & Chief Trailblazer

Angeline Simone Chin or affectionately known as Angie by her friends and family, is a mother of one daughter. She spent 19 years working in various corporate industries (from Securities, Banking, Telco and Retail) when she finally calls it quit in mid 2015 to focus on building HerPortal (formerly known as Moms4Projects.com). She is the founder and Chief Trailblazer for HerPortal.

She loves cooking up a storm, enjoys good food, self-pampering sessions, movies, travel, crafts, music and reading good books. Forever curious, loves trying out new things, she published a book on Animal Welfare in Malaysia (Silent Cries) years back in 2006 and have appeared on several local TV shows just for the thrill, experience and the fun of it!

She is an avid animal lover, loves the nature, exploring new places and appreciates unique architectures. She enjoys experimenting ideas and often imagining filling the market gaps with solutions. She hopes to retire humbly in future with an animal sanctuary, a no frill bed & breakfast and grow her own organic veggies.

Angie oversees HerPortal's growth & her forte is building strategic partnerships.


The Web Wizard

Graduated from the UMS, Razman is passionate about art and technology. And to combine both passions, he designs beautiful tailored websites for the engaged and driven. A simple and low key person, he is part of HerPortal since day one (from Moms4Projects days) to where it is today. He’s never invested so much time and energy like he did on HerPortal as he believes in its mission & vision. HerPortal is one of his great achievements as it has undergone series of revamp since it first started last year. As a Web Wizard, he works closely with the Chief Trailblazer on the design and direction of the portal to ensure that it always stays relevant.


Work At Home Mama-san (WAHM)

Sebrinah Yeo Li-San, goes by the nickname of Sebrinah or Seb by her family & friends. She's a mother of 2 lovely boys. She spent 8 years of working in the Mobile industry (from Retail to Marketing) when she finally calls it quit in mid 2014 while she was just 5 months pregnant with her 1st child. She took the risk leaving the corporate world (higher paid job) to prepare herself physically & mentally to be a mother to her family.

Since then, she has been active on various social media channels looking up for information and learning new experience every single day. Every knowledge that she has learned, she shares them with new mothers online and offline. She provides unlimited support and guide to mothers-in-need on matters related to breastfeeding, birthing experience sharing, solid food weaning, working from home etc.

Sebrinah loves to sing, although she tends to scream more these days. In person, she's quiet only for the first few meetings but once you get to know her, she can flip your world!. She likes to help other 'Mama-sans' (aka Mommies) that seeks her help (scouring for information or activities) whenever she's able to. Otherwise, she'll inspire them and give them ideas that they can explore.

She makes use of her multi-tasking skills by looking after her family and at the same time working from home. She's also a mommy food blogger, reviews products & services (sponsored/non-sponsored) and a business partner of RK Avenue (Menang 8 Rajakayu), a natural Made in Malaysia product. From time to time, she also does freelance on web or blog layout creation (via free resources), article write-ups or listing updates for companies and simple brochure designing.

Sebrinah Yeo leads the HerPortal's Work At Home initiatives & its other WAH 'Mama-sans'.

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