I almost DIED at 4.30am!

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Before you proceed to read, please be warned that this article may contained words that should not appear in any Malaysian Mom's writings. Simply because we do not want to corrupt our children's fragile mind & imagination.

However, this is what happens when you went on and on with less rest and sleep.

Your eyes becomes blurry and your brain couldn’t process.

Earlier, I was busy updating every events that we’ve co-collaborated with and organized when I suddenly remembered that I have forgotten to send a flyer copy to the printing company to be distributed for next week’s event.


Not sure what nudged me, I proceeded to check everything one more time before sending it off.

With watery eyes, I swear I read line by line until I saw THIS blardy MotherFish.

What the heck? Seriously? I am organizing an event for Women to get connected to SEXperts? Learn all sort of tricks, moves and style? I was furious, well upset with myself (who else!) for not doing a good job and I almost sent a non-proofread document for the supplier to print like 1000 pcs of them!

I immediately corrected the document and this time proofread again like 7 times before sending the document off!

Here’s what I would imagine had I not check the document:

  1. I paid the printing works for NOTHING. Dude, I paid few hundred ringgits only to keep imagining people reading the error there over & over again. Seriously SEXperts??
  2. I probably would get emails from curious women to find out if these SEXperts really exist and perhaps it’s a great way to break the ice and getting them to participate, in the event of course. I mean the CONFERENCE!
  3. Real SEXperts would probably contact me and asked how they can come in as panel speakers.
  4. I would probably make a lot of husbands and boyfriends happy with these SEXperts coming to 'teach & advise’.
  5. Women (perhaps men too!) might assume that I am very concerned over their bedroom dilemmas hence bringing in SEXperts to help fix their problems.
  6. I could DIE due to embarrassment. Please send me flowers.

Anywho, I make it a point to not DO this ever again. SEXperts, pfft!

I just hope that after this I won’t be typing in words that sounded like human’s genitalias and anything that would evoke grey minded people to react.

But negativity and assumption aside, it’s a great way to tickle anyone out there and perhaps gives them a reason to smell, I mean SMILE!

Dang those keyboards!

Oh by the way, here's the updated venue of our event. It will be held at WORQ, Glo Damansara. And don't worry, I didn't invite any SEXperts.

But if I do, will you come? 🙂

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