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Here’s what I noticed. Women loves to rant on Social Media. I am a woman, I rant too. It’s our way to release tension and get load off our shoulder, get others to respond and then we feel better. Women loves emotional support, even if it’s from strangers. However, constant rantings is unhealthy. Especially when it’s something you can work on. It’s like nothing ever positive coming out from you but how gloomy your life is and how you wish you can solve your problem, pronto! Complaint or rant all you want on social media that your life ain’t brings […]

Before you proceed to read, please be warned that this article may contained words that should not appear in any Malaysian Mom’s writings. Simply because we do not want to corrupt our children’s fragile mind & imagination. However, this is what happens when you went on and on with less rest and sleep. Your eyes becomes blurry and your brain couldn’t process. Earlier, I was busy updating every events that we’ve co-collaborated with and organized when I suddenly remembered that I have forgotten to send a flyer copy to the printing company to be distributed for next week’s event. YES, […]

Many times, you will see friends posting up their new ventures or projects on social media. But how many of you would gladly support & share their hard work? Remember, they put their heart & soul in whatever they do, just as you would if the business is yours. Wouldn’t you want others to show their support to yours too if it’s the other way around? Chances of you ‘not’ supporting the business is because: • You didn’t bother to read or find out what it is all about; • You don’t think their business is interesting; • Their business […]

“MY MOTHER NEVER SLEEP..”. I still remember this exact word coming from my daughter last year when a friend asked her if I still tuck and cuddle her to sleep. It shocked me a little to hear that coming from her, enough to realise that she actually observed my lifestyle after I started the business. If only she knows why Mommy have to work hard. Why Mommy sacrifice her rest and sleep. Mommy is not a strong person sometimes that she cry in silent too. I get tired like everyone else too but I have to keep going. This business […]

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