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When the contractor reverts back with our booth, arch, board designs last week, suddenly it jolted you to realized what you and your small team have worked for will finally come to…LIVE is less than a week! You see, I have dreamt of organizing an event at this Most Popular mall in town (Midvalley Megamall, KL). I kid you not that the dream was mooted just last year when we set up an office nearby. I couldn’t help but noticed that every event held there is always an attraction. So I vow to have one there someday. Come December last […] targets women, employers offering flexible hours Source: Anushia Kandasivam / Sep 29, 2016, Digital News Asia AMONG the numerous job portals on the Internet, is leveraging on a unique selling point – it is a resource that helps Malaysian women looking for jobs offering part-time or flexible hours, or freelance opportunities, find a suitable match. While such women-centric job portals do exist around the world and even in neighbouring Singapore, this is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

To be honest, we have been expecting it while building a year ago. There will be irresponsible individuals posting up “Part Time” jobs that is just too good to be true. These scums (pun intended!) will promise candidates easy jobs (cut & paste or post up ads), fast money and insane income. This activity is more prevalent on “Post Jobs For FREE” or Part Time Jobs websites. Even social media channels like Facebook is not spared. Hence, we build a system where we filter incoming job ads before we allow it to GO LIVE. We check the job content details […]

Does the title excites you enough to click on this article? Yeah, I feel you. I wish for it every day too. But today, I am going to rant. Yes, rant. Have you ever imagined what will you do when you woke up and win so much money? I have, and I imagined this since I was 7. And then when you do buy those ‘lucky’ numbers, you get so upset that you didn’t win the lottery but some businessmen who spent so much on the tickets won. Just like that. What the heck do they want to do with […]

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