Much ado about “Part Time” Jobs

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To be honest, we have been expecting it while building a year ago.

There will be irresponsible individuals posting up "Part Time" jobs that is just too good to be true. These scums (pun intended!) will promise candidates easy jobs (cut & paste or post up ads), fast money and insane income. This activity is more prevalent on "Post Jobs For FREE" or Part Time Jobs websites. Even social media channels like Facebook is not spared.


Hence, we build a system where we filter incoming job ads before we allow it to GO LIVE. We check the job content details and most importantly the company details.

We cannot risk of getting jobs published without reviewing and get many women fall into these dubious trap unaware.

Yes, we still receive these annoying job ads from time to time and the very obvious reasons that we know that they are scams are based on the followings:

  1. When we send the 'person in charge' an email to verify what do they do, link to company website or contactable number, they often NEVER reply us back.
  2. The job contents : Some can be too good to be the job is super easy and suddenly you are richer by RM3,000!
  3. Too short or too general job function with no proper call to action details.

It is just disheartening to learn how people tend to abuse the privilege when they are given FREE.

We hope our members play active roles as well in combating these irresponsible act. Do let us know if you encounter any dubious jobs (in case we missed them!) from this website so we can verify the same for you.

So what can you expect from a Part Time job?

Well, the deal is to do a certain job (usually they are pretty easy) at shorter hours (either at the client's office, shop, cafe or even from your own home) and earn a decent income (either per hour or per task basis). They can start from few ringgits to couple of hundreds.

Be realistic with expectation when you decided to work from home, doing a part time or flexi time jobs. Often the earnings are not as fantastic as a full timer. However, if you prefer a higher income where you can set your own price tag, go sign up as a freelancer and offer your services. Going in as a freelancer means that you will be competing with other freelancers that is also looking at the same pool of clients you have your eyes on. You either have something extra special to offer to clinch the deal or pray for a lucky encounter.

Doing multiple part time jobs can also increase the opportunity to earn more.

In Malaysia, flexi job is pretty rare to come by. Usually it is offered to full time employees.

Nevertheless, if you have the capabilities to tap on your talents & skills, you don't have to rely on jobs to enable you earn income. You can start a small business, test the market and refine your business approach/marketing/sales to be decently profitable in the long run. Entrepreneurial journey is certainly not for everyone.

In whatever path or role you choose, ultimately life is a gamble that you need to be wise at making decisions on what works for you. Talk to people that you trust when you are in a dilemma. Know that we all go through trial and errors before we find our calling.

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